Easy Pumpkin Party Beer Cooler

Cut pumpkin beer ice cooler

Here’s a simple and fast way to spice up this years Halloween party!  Get yourself a few large pumpkins, a couple of bags of ice, and of course as much beer that can fit!

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  1. A few pumpkins
  2. A Couple bags of ice
  3. Large knife or Pumpkin cutter
  4. Spoon or Scoop


Start by cutting off the top of the pumpkin just above the widest point.  This way you are making the pumpkin deep enough to hold the beers up, and keep a wide enough opening to hold more.  Scoop out the inside of the pumpkin (save the seeds for great toasted pumpkin seeds)  You can discard the top if you want.  Now just fill it with Ice & Beer!   Party on!

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