5 Awesome Handyman Tips

5 Awesome Handyman Tips

Use a paintbrush, screwdriver, or drill? This DIY Tip post is for you!  We’re going to show you 5 incredibly simple tips that you can implement and save time while completing all those DIY projects!

#1 Never lose the end of the tape roll again

Just take a toothpick and place it under the tape after your done using it! You will never have pick at the corner trying to free it again!
Toothpick tape holder hack


#2 Keep your Paint Can Clean!

Place a large rubber band around the entire paint can giving you an easy surface to remove drips from the paintbrush and keep the can clean!
rubberband paint can trick


#3 Keep pictures straight!

Here’s a real simple way to make sure that the holes line up!  Take a level and use either masking tape put it on the bottom of your level.  Then lineup the level to the back of the frame marking where the mounts are.  Now just hold the level to the wall and you’ll know exactly where to put the nails!
masking tape level trick


#4 Don’t make a mess drilling!

We’ve all been there, a simple project ends up turning into a long event because of all the cleanup!  Here’s a little trick to shorten that time.  Just take a post it note, fold it and place below where you need to drill!  Quick and simple no vacuuming required!
Post it note drill dust

#5 How To Remove a stripped screw!

Do you have a pesky screw that the screwdriver or screwgun just keeps hopping out of?  No problem, just place a rubber band over the head and watch it catch!  No need for special tools anymore!
How To Get Out A Stripped Screw

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