Easily Remove Stickers & Labels

Easy Label and Sticker Removal DIY

Every now and again we come across a bottle, jar, or container that we want to reuse, but there’s one problem. The company has used an adhesive which has created a impenetrable bond between the label and container that’s impossible to remove!

There is actually a very simple solution, to quickly get that label off and have it looking like it was never there.

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  1. Bottle with label stuck on it
  2. Scouring Pad
  3. Dish Soap
  4. Vegetable Oil


Step 1

Peel off as much of the sticker as possible

Step 2


Fill the container with hot water to aid in removal, then put some vegetable oil on a scouring pad.  It can be a sponge with one side as a scouring pad if you want. Now start scrubbing in small circles with the oil and watch it quickly come off.

Step 3


Wash and rinse the sponge and container with Dawn, Joy, or any other oil/grease cutting dish soap.  All done!  A perfectly removed label!


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