DIY Olive & Cream Cheese Penguin Treats

DIY Cream Cheese Olive Penguins

An another great appetizer to bring to those parties this year!  Cream Cheese Olive Penguins!  This little guys are easy to make but take some time.

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  1. Large Black Olives
  2. Carrots
  3. Cream Cheese
  4. Knife & Cutting Board
  5. Toothpics

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  1. Start by taking half of the black olives and slicing them in half
  2. Then slice (1) round of carrot for every pair of olives that you have
  3. Cut a small triangle slice out of the carrot round (Save this as it will be the penguins beak)
  4. Now take a 1/2 TSP scoop of cream cheese and place it in between 2 olive halves
  5. Take the beak and insert it in the opening of an uncut olive
  6. To assemble start by placing the penguin head through the toothpick, followed by the body and into the feet!
  7. Congratulations your done!


Cream Cheese Olive Penguins

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