Emergency DIY Phone Charger


Here’s a DIY that is not only cost saving, but great in emergency situations.  So your power goes out, and your phone is almost dead, take the time and have one of these phone line adapter charging cables made up and you’ll be all set!  Most of the time phone lines remain in tact when there’s a power outage,  (unless of course those are down from a fallen tree nearby)

You’re probably wondering where the cost savings come in?  Well you pay for electricity per Kilowatt hour Kwh, most cell phone chargers will draw about 6-10Kwh hours per year per phone.  Have multiple phones in your house and you could be drawing 20-30Kwh annually.  This small hack will probably save you about $10 and keep you juiced in an outage!

As always check your local laws and policies before messing with someone else’s service (ie the phone company!)

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